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What are you using for the coal basket??? the one that comes with it, or something else.... I am new to the CGPS too.... when I got mine couldnt exceed 200-220 no matter How much coals I used... Built a basket to elevate the coals and get plenty of O2 to them from underneath... after that I could get 250-300 easy on about 1 lit and 1 unlit chimneys of coal.. Ill try to attach a pic of it if this helps..

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I like the basket fireguy... the way you used the angle to hold it up is good thinkin'...
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Awesome, thanks for all the info guys. I fiounfd an old grate lying around that was a bit wider than the original. so it rests about 4 inches higher. Maybe that will help with the air flow if that is the problem. The original grate I think has run it's course. Reading some other posts it is one of the first things to get rid of anyway so one fix is done. after this smoke I will spend this next weekend looking for holes to seal and maybe work on a few other mods I've been putting off. Thanks again for the advise and if anyone else can think of anything please let me know. I need as much help as I can get.
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the sticky for the mods on this unit..... Gramason had some good posts on the ones he did... and helped me put mine together.... it really helped!!
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Points Fireguy! That's the best basket I've seen yet. Looks like it's high enough to allow the tray to be pulled out in mid smoke for ash removal. I think I'll have to build me one now. Well done!
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That basket looks awesome I will get building one like right away. I will see what happens but as of right now I am sitting at 200 degrees. The smoke stack is wide open, the intake damper is wide open, I've pulled the drawer at an inch or so for more air, and I've raised the charcoal a couple of inches. I guess I trudge through it. Worst case senario I get a little more smoke in my meat then wrap and move to the oven. unless ya'll can think of anything else

Raised Coals with open Drawer.

New Digital Thermometer reading after 2 chimneys
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I gotta dumb question.... you close the firebox lid right!?!.... looks like a good size pile of ash under there.... check thermo in boiling water...212 degrees.... with a fire that size in mine i run around 220-230.... maybe just the sealing mods....with exhaust all the way open all the time.... intake about 1/4 open.... lid and drawer closed....

this is in the BarBChef.... not the char griller....

here is a load before the lit chimney was added to a smoke....

after the lit chimney was added.....

another from sundays smoke

notice the white line between the firebox and chamber.... woodstove caulk.. it is at the seal area between them also....

extend the exhaust stack down with metal dryer duct to near the grate level....
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At this point no questions are dumb. Yes I do close the lid to the fire box. I did get it up to 230 but that's been the most so far. Now I'm just trying to keep it there.
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Woo Hoo I hit 250. LOL With my coal drawer pulled out about 4 inches I hit 251. With it out about 2-3 inches It seems to hover around 230. So Airflow Seems to be the biggest problem. thanks again for all the advice and ideas. I think Geek said he used a blower fan? Does anyone else use one and if so what is it, where can I maybe get one and how did you install it?
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Do you have a smokestack extension going down to grate level? That seemed to be the best mod I did on my smoker besides sealing the lid with rope gasket.

I have a Brinkmann smoke n pit.. not very far off from your Chargriller Pro.
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No I have not yet done any mods on it yet but after today that is about to change. I'll see how much I can do to it this weekend. Gonna add the dryer hose and A coal basket or something else to start with. Then maybe a tuning plate, blower fan. etc...
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From what I could tell with mine.. (again.. not the exact same.. but pretty close) the smokestack extension helped more than anything. The second most important is getting that lid sealed up. Well.. I take that back.. is yours the one where the whole lid comes up.. or it's like a cutout lid? If that's the case.. maybe your lid doesn't leak so much..?
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I have an Oreck Vaccum cleaner motor that I am getting ready to convert to a little electric fan for mine. I think it will work like a champ, already has the shaft in place from the belt drive on the sweeper. wink.gif Drop me a PM and I can send you some really cool mod instructions.
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Just build ya a basket, it will do the same as having the drawer open a bit.. you have to have O2 to get a good heat, on the CGPS the intake is so low that w/o mods yours coal will smother out. Mine was about 30 bones, 2x2 epanded metal + Angle and bolts.... make a bit smaller than you think if you want to take it ou... since metal expands when heated... Oh and I put the Angle on so that I could pull the ash drawer for long smokes... just remember all smokers are dif.
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Don't suppose you know the estimated dimensons of that basket do you FireGuy? if not no biggie I can measure out what will fit. You guys are all awesome.
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I made a similar box and the dimentions are 11"x13.5". A 24"x24" piece of expanded metal will be perfect. Thats what I used. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I think it was 12 in sq by 6 in high.. used a 24 x24 sheet plus the strips on the sides to support it up so I can pull ash drawer.. and one on bottom to try to prevent it from sagging into the drawer space... good hunting this week away from computer, if you need help let me know ill get back to ya next week.
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oh ya, id make it a wee bit smaller.... it barely sqeezed in before, now has expanded with the heat wont come out easily, but its not that big adeal to me yet.. good luck
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