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Rack STILL not full.

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I shoulda sprang for #4 but then where do you draw the line?

Lot of trimming to do!!

Ready for the cooler. See you guys in the morning.

Heres where I start wishing id bought another rack(of ribs).

I WAS gonna take a snapshot of them when they were cut but when your hands are greazy...

Until next weekend. All this bbq and still no sauce in site!! Save it for Burgerking rodeo burgers.
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nice job on the ribs and a big
10/4 on the sauce
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Very nice PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif looks tastey
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hey william.........the camera will clean would be surprised whats on my hands when i take q-view.......

keep it clean folks.....its a family forum............LOLOLOLOL
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looks great to me!
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Great looking ribs and thanks for the Qview!
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Looks great. I have to get me one of those racks to hold ribs.
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Nice q-view. I need to get a better rack like that for sure.
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