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My first brisket is on..... q-views

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It's cold.. and windy. But my rope gasket mod seems to have made quite a difference... but that is another thread.

It's a 10lb packer.. I trimmed a LITTLE bit of fat off.. Here she is before the rub.

I wanted to know when I slice against the grain.. (hours from now).. What exactly is the way to cut it against the grain? In the pic you see here.. I see the muscle fibers running vertical.. is it just as easy as that? So for this one.. The best place to start would be in the upper corner.. and cut it at an angle?
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Ya cut it at a angle. i useally dig into it a little to see the grain then slice, be sure to stay with it as the direction of the grain will change a bit as you work across the piece of meat.
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So cut it at an angle WITH or AGAINST the grain?
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I cut it against the grain.
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Against the grain as it makes the meat more tender when you eat it.
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you want to cut it perpendicular to the way the grain runs. or in otherwards, at a right angle to the grain. Some folks just sacrifice a small portion of the flat to "mark it". When the meat is raw and unrubbed, it is alot easier to see which way the grain runs. After you do a few and get used to the make-up of the meat, you won't need to"mark' Them.

After the smoking is done and the meat is rested:
When you get into the point, the grain turns. I like to slice the piont in half horizontally(there a layer of fat that runs the same way), flip it open, trim away the majority of the fat, and slice across the grain again, if possible. Sometimes this area is too tender, and just crumbles or shreds while cutting.
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Thanks Master dman I'm smoking a brisket also. Started at 7:30 yesterday evening and it is now 11:10am. The temp is at 161 degrees. Seems like the more I read the more I get confused on some points. Then someone will ask the very question I'm thinking. Thanks again.
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Nice hunk of meat there. Looking forward to watching the progress.
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Mom really wanted to see it.. so I figured while it was open, I'd mop it and snap a pic.

And yes.. that's an apple with the probe thru it. We ate all the taters last night when I did some Salmon.

I'm thinking about eating the apple when I take the probe out and put it in the meat.
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Looks good so far. Let us know how the apple is too.
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I took the probe out of the apple and put it in the meat.. 4 hours in, and I have it at 157. I was gonna wrap it in foil at 160-170.. Is that the right thing to do?

The apple is mush. I threw it in the way back for the deer.
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I usually foil at 170 I think thats the norm
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What PW said, foil at 170.
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8 hours in and it's foiled and sitting at 190. Seems to be getting done pretty quick.. maybe my temp is a little high.. but I'm starving so I won't mind if it's done a little early.

I foiled it at 170 and mopped it for the last time about 3 hours ago.

I didn't really get the long stall most of you talk about.. it just keeps creeping up reeeeeeaaaaaalllllll slow. I guess I would say it kinda stalled at 158.. then again at 175.

What temp did it seem to stall at for most of you?
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Mine is at 168, put on at 7:30 yesterday evening. Got so hungry I made a fatty and some of Dutches "Wicked baked beans" omg they were good. The best I'v eaten so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the fatty went very well with them. It had cheddar cheese and red onion in this one. The brisket was 13.5 lbs never though about the @#%* it would take to get to 170.
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I think Dutch posted a picture a while back where he had stuck a toothpick into his brisket to note the direction of the grain. Looked like a great idea.
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Sounds great. Wish I had some.
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The finished product.

Wow this was good.
Nice smoke ring.. It was done a little fast tho.
It took 9 hours for a 10 lb packer. There were a couple times where the smoker temp creeped up to 300 or so.

I never did get the temp stall many of you have talked about.
What temp does it normally stall out at? Or is it different every time?

Mine just creeped up reeeeeaaaaallll slow the whole time.
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Glad it turned out well for you.

When they stall, I usually see it somewhere in the 160s.
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Oscar, Glad you liked the beans!

dman, maybe you got yourself one of those elusive left side briskets. When cattle lay down, the majority of them lay on the right side so when they go to stand back up it's the right leg and brisket muscle that's doing all the work (more work= more connective tissue). Also the age of the animal figures into the amount of connective tissue in the brisket. A younger animal won't have as much as an older animal. Great q-view on the brisket smoke!!
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