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when smoking meats when would a mop or a bast be used.?
when grilling I use a beer mop on larger pieces of meat when ever I turn it and on the rotissiere when ever I put more coals or I think I should.
I would guess that when using a dry rub. you would not bast or mop. Not sure. but when not using a dry type rub you would mop / bast a lot.. or in smoking you just do not use bast / mops.than you..
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Go ahead and baste/spray after your rub has set, won't hurt anything at all. or just do it as you do with your other cooking methods.
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I do as buzz said, then if I mop, I mop sauce in the last 1/2 - 1 hour, works for me. good luck
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thanks, the info is keeping me on track and is very helpful. fire guy are you a fire fighter also?? I have 23 years as a fire fighter. can't seem to get enough smoke lol..
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yup, though I love most smokes, this type wont make me puke and hack the day after.
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