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Butt Question

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How long do I dare leave a 10# butt wrapped up in the cooler before pulling? I was thinking I could leave it overnight but my wife thinks I would end up killing the whole family?eek.gif Any advice?

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As long as the temp of the food stays above 140°F the bacteria growth will be held in check. You might leave it foiled in a pan in the oven set to low (170°F) for overnight. That way there would be no chance of the meat getting into the danger zone (40-140°F).

Hope this helps!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Meowey - Will that help it stay moist if I plan on serving tomorrow around 5:00pm....or will it really not matter if I pull it tonight or in the morning as far as being moist is concerned?confused.gif
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heck Pro i've got 2 to pull yet tonight and a brisket to deal with
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pull it tonite..........reheat tomorrow..........using a steaming method.........did you save any juices?

if not........lil broth, or even water in a foil covered pan in the oven tomorrow to reheat........set on low temps
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Not speaking from exrperience, but. I'd put it in the fridge. Pull now and reheat. It should stay moist asd long as its wrapped nice and tight.
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we have tried pulling it the next day.......after it chilled.......NOT a easy task...........
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If you are not serving until 5PM tomorrow, I would pull it tonight. Save all the juices, and put everything in a foil covered pan and refrigerate. Do a nice slow re-heat in the foil covered pan in a 275°F oven. Should take about 1 1/2 hours to re-heat. It should be nice and moist that way.

Hope this helps!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Thanks Guys.....that is what I decided to do...pull it tonight and reheat tomorrow.....here are a few q-views. Thanks again!

Here is the prep pic I posted earlier.........prep work


Here is the butt just before foiling......


and finally...after 12 hours....the finished product.icon_smile.gif

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I finished a butt smoke around midnight one time, decided I was too tired to mess with it anymore, wrapped it in a huge beach towel (still in the foil), folded up two other towels - one on top, one on bottom - put in the cooler for the night. Had a golf game the next morning but woke up too late to pull the butts before tee time. So figure 6 hours of sleep, six hours to golf and get back home. I was dreading that I would find when I got home, but found the butts still sitting between 170-175. Opened them up, pushed on the top of one, the bone almost squirted out! Turned out awesome!
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I have gone 6 hours...but wow... good info to know if ya need it!
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Just goes to show what a good cooler and plenty of insulation will do for you!!

When the heat doesn't have any easy way to escape, it stays in the meat and does it's job....wink.gif

Good thinkin' with the extra towels, seboke!

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I got one of those hold-ice-for-six-days-sittin'-in-the-sun coolers. Figured the extra towels certainly wouldn't hurt!
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Much like SEBOKE I always foil my butt after smokin. put a thick layer of heavy terry towel (the good kind found in better hotels HEE HEE) in the bottom of the cooler place my butt in the center, cover with second towel. tuck that little darlin in for a long nappy time. Have gone as long as 9 hours in a standard metal coleman cooler. internal temps 175-180 and pulled with ease infact the piggy was so tender it almost pulled itself.
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