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not too new in SoCarolina

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just joined on the advise of bro in law jlansink. I have smoked a few butts, chickens and ribs in my day but far from a master. haven't smoked in awhile but should have a new small smoker tomorow and will break it with some ribs. lookin forward to tryin out jeffs rub. great site, great forums.
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Welcome to the forum! As far as breaking in a new smoker, make sure you burn it off before you do the ribs! PDT_Armataz_01_26.gif Keith
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welcome to the site, have fun with the new smoker. What ya gonna get to smoke with anyways?
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Welcome JT... good to hear yer knockin' off the rust and getting back to Q! Enjoy!
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Glad you decided to join us. Looking forward to having you share your accumulated wisdom and adding it to the information and experiences we already have here.
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Welcome aboard JT, you have come to the right place. Enjoy!!!
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Welcome aboard JT! Hope you enjoy this forum as much as I have. Great bunch of folks.
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welcome to smf jt, what kinda smoker you gettin
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Welcome to the forum. Great place here. Post pics of the new smoker and of your smokes. I like licking the screen to try to taste the food (it hasn't worked yet).
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welcome, glad you joined
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Welcome aboard, glad to have ya!
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Welcome to the family here..........Great place...........
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