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CGSP Mod Questions

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I am going to add the thermometers to the lid at the grill level. Is there a decent recommended brand of thermometer?

I've looked for a Taylor 814 model but cant find it anwhere except on their website.

I've also noticed that a few of the pictures I've seen look like poeple use a couple of digital probes poked through some sort of weight (looked like a potato). Does that work? Wouldn't see why not.

I just dont want to start drilling a bunch of holes if it is not necessary.

Thanks in advance!
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The digital thru the potato is a very popular trick around here.. I haven't gotten to doing that.. but I will eventually.
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I just added thermos to mine, all I could find locally were a couple thermos for a new holland grill, $10 each ... and they read axactly with my Maverick dig.

Have seen alot of guys use a tater, or a chunk of wood to the thermo... My Maverick came with a clip to attach to the grate, and it works well for me.
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I think I saw a dual input digital for about $30. I will probably go that way for now. If it doesn't work out I can still use the thermo for meat.
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I got thermometers for my chargriller at walmart for $15 a piece and I'm very happy with them. They are for smokers and charcoal grills. it makes it really nice having a temp. view for each end of the grill. I also found that I was cooking things to fast.

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Just a side item note: putting the probe through a potato or piece of wood keeps the tip from making contact with the grates, which could potentially damage your digital probe, or at least lead to an inaccurate reading.
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