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Pork and venison fatty Q-view

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Well this is my first fatty!Had never heard of one till this forum.1lb. venison sausage(no added fat)1lb johnsonville reg.sausage,1 packet lipton onion soup mix,1 tbs ketchup,1 tsp wooster(lea&perrins),2tsp house seasoning(salt pepper onion and garlic powder)

Stuffed with white onion mushrooms and velveeta.Then wrapped in smokey bacon.

Updates on the smokin' in a while.Guess I'll just have to have a frosty beverage for now,Hope you're hungry!!!!!!!
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So far so good! They bacon arrangement is IMHO..ideal. Enough for a self baste, yet not interfering with bark development. Good job!
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Thanks,I thought about removing the bacon the last hour or so we'll see.Could always put it back for presentation.wink.gif
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I like the bacon idea. Looks like art work. Looks real good.

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Bout 2 hrs in 250deg. my internal temp is already at 150.Cooking quicker than I expected but lookin' good!Got some giant bakers in the oven coated in evoo,kosher salt,and fresh cracked black pepper.Love that crispy tater' skin!

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Dang this lettin' stuff rest who's idea was it anyway?Well I can't wait till we get to eat,and I got a feeling the dog is gonna have to just eat her food tonight!biggrin.gif

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looks lip smacking good, the high life too.
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Well here it is....

And now to enjoy the fruits of my labor and the great knowledge this forum is about.....SALUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Very nice lookin grub. Awesome recipe!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice fatty and a man after my own heart with that Miller High Life!
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Well I typed ha! (pecked)a great explanation of the rec. idea and such but fumbles here had 1 to many margaritas(and the high life trav)and deleted it so basically I love you guys and the inspiration!Phew I'd never make a secretary.
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wow 187 hungry now gooooooooooooooooooooood job nice qviewPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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BRAVO!! biggrin.gif
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