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Fruits of My Frustration

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After the spareribs last weekend (a little too smoky but fire management went very well) I set out to do a meatloaf yesterday. Started with Jeff's recipe and per his description, smoked at about 250 for an hour then planned to let it creep on up to 350 to finish it out.

Well, there was no creeping up to 350, I couldn't even push it up there. After the first hour, I was having trouble keeping it above 250. Not sure what the problem was. It was a little windy but temps were in the 60s. I was trying a new temporary baffle so I poked holes in it thinking it was blocking too much heat. Was trying the charcoal basket without the tray underneath so it was a little lower in the firebox. Raked the coals around a bit, tapped the basket, raked ash out (not much there) opened the firebox door, nothing seemed to help much.

Finally I said, the heck with it, and fired up the Charbroil Masterflame, heated it up, turn one burner off and left the other on high. Held about 330 degrees on the off side at grate level and move the meatloaf over there to finish.

After I had moved the meatloaf it ocurred to me that there is probably no way in hell I was going to get a thin walled SnP up to 350 with just a fire in the side firebox. I could have split a chimney of charcoal in the cooking chamber and left the meatloaf on the middle rack and probably have been fine. Oh well.

As seems to be the case, even when things go wrong, they often turn out okay. Here's the meatloaf fresh off the grill.

Here is some sliced.

On a plate, ready for a taste.

The family liked it. My 9 year old son pretty much likes anything meat cooked using fire. My 7 year old daughter liked it but isn't as much of a meat fan as her brother. My wife liked it too. The best part of dinner was when my daughter announced, "Wow, it IS good. And you thought it was going to be yucky, huh Momma." Kids say the darndest things!

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Sure looks good to me! I'm sure someone will be along here to help you out with the smoker. I'm not familiar with that one, but there are a lot of folks here who are. Keith
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Looks like it came out pretty good.
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Smoked meatloaf is awesome. Some of my biggest fans are the kids. Next you should wow them with some pulled pork or a nice yardbird.
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You need a good batch of hot coals to run it up to 350 and hold it. Be prepared to light another chimney full and pour those on when temp starts to drop. The SnP isn't real efficient, but you can get the temp up in that thing if you pour it too it.
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Looks great Dave.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great. That's great thinking, switching from one to the other. Glad it all worked out for you. And I agree....If you want real opinion, ask a child. They will tell you straight up. LOL Mine do all the time.
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My wife mentioned at lunch how much she is looking forward to having the meatloaf for dinner.

Now that's progress.


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