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New From Big D

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New to the forum. Followed John H's pulled pork recipe this weekend and had great success. This forum along with the weather, has gotten my juices flowing and I am excited to try other proteins.
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Welcome to SMF. Would that be Deeetroit? Enjoy!
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welcome to the site..lot good people and info.....
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Welcome, I'll bet Dallas, after looking at your profile
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Not Deetroit, Big D followed by the Big T.........Dallas Texas, actually a suburb in DFW. Thanks for the warm welcome.
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Well then - that would be the LITTLE D. ;{)
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Welcome to the forum. This is the best forum on the web for smokin.
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Ahh Sarcasm, I love it. Get to learn about Smoking Meat and get a little sarcasm to boot. Nice.

I like to say, if you can't make fun of people what good are they. (only in a nice way though)
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Heh..Indeed. See you soon perhaps... as soon as Nashville is out of the way :{)

Go Wings!
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welcome Jash, and ya if you want sarcasm you found the right place and person (rich) don't tell him i said that-I will deny it.and ya we pretty good at being nice around here-hard somtimes but we try.
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Welcome aboard.....glad you found us here...........
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