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Happy B-Day Mom and Dad!!!

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My dad's birthday was the 3rd and my moms is the 17th, so I am doing 6 Racks of Babybacks!! I am going to try a couple different rubs. 2 racks are getting Jeff's rub, 2 racks are getting a modified version of Jeff's rub, and BAM!!! 2 racks are getting Emeril's rub. Anybody try this stuff??? I am also doing some potatoes that my buddy makes, he calls them heart attack potatoes. He made them once and the next day a guy that ate a bunch of them had a heart attack thus the name, but they are very good. Here's some pictures of what's going on in the morning.....

2 Packs 3 racks in each got them from Sams

Jeff's Rub

Jeff's rub modified



I'll keep ya posted after the TBS starts rollin.
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man that looks good-kep sending guy.
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So whats the tater recipe?
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Hia Skid... welcome to SMF. Stop into the Roll Call forum and give us an intro. Smoker type, experience, location, etc. Kinda a tradition around here, and helps us help you! :{)
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Man you got a good start on which I'm sure will turn out great, with I'm sure of no leftovers.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Lookin good cub!
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Looks like your off to a good start.........Can't wait to see the finished product.........Whats the recipe for the taters?...................
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Wish my kids took that good of care of me. Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MOM and POP!!

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Food's on!! Here it is. The taters are just potatoes sliced and seasoned with garlic and this time I'm trying cookies seasoning, and lots and lots of butter!
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looking good... I do my taters with cookies or lowrys, tons o butters and onion, and garlic.. always a hit... Nice job, and cant wait to see the end pics.
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Wheee! Nice! And Happy Birthday to the 'rents :{)
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Two hours into it and preparing to foil them. Sorry about the lighting. Had to throw a few hot polish sausages for a little snack.

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Two hours foiled, and back in for the last hour. 1st time doing 2-2-1 method on BB's I can already see the difference, can't wait to try them!!!

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Lookin Good!

WOW! Nice looking ribs man!
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They're all done and gone. I will be using the 2-2-1 method again!!

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Ok - that's it. POINTS! Lookie that smoke ring...wheee!
Great looking smoke Cubbydude!
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Great looking grub Cub. Which of the rubs did you like best?
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Nice looking product there.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I liked the modified version of Jeff's rub, I don't recomend Emirl's rub at all, and Jeff's rub left alone is great too.
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