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Building a reverse flow, miniature

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Building a reverse flow, miniature smoker/grill. This is either a 4 burger, 2 Fatty, 4 thigh, one big steak, or a 1 meatloaf Smoker/Grill, etc, etc.

The fire box 1/4 inch steel and is 6" * 6" * 8" and the tank is 3/16" steel--6.75" by 18.5"L. This baby is smaller than small. I have about 4 hours labor so far, Hopefully, I will finish it tomorrow with the exception of paint. Just a fun thing right now, found the tank at the dump and I had scraps of steel hanging around. I hope it cooks--the firebox will take a small coffee can full of coals.

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How cool is that!!.......mini-cookers....I can see it now.....all the rage in the Japanese smoking meats market.....LOL
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Looking good,Steve. Keep us informed on your progress and how it works. Could be just the thing for a small camping trip for two couples. Would probably be quit the discussion piece while have a beverage and sitting by the campfire.
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Too cool! You need to find an old metal Red Flyer wagon and make it a "trailer" type Mini-Lange just to go along with the fun part.

Keep the pics coming ... I love it!
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LoL! How cool! Store it in your big smoker when you go to comps.
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LMAO..........OMG!!......THAT'S PERFECT!!! PDT_Armataz_01_11.gificon_mrgreen.gif

"Hey, buddy....whatcha got under the hood"??....PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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LOL..I love it! You'll have to tow it with a Beetle!
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Thats awsome...........Lol...........Would look cool on a little trailer or like was said on a little red radio flyer............Can't wait to see it done and smoking..........
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The man has skills nice job!! I am thinking of putting a roof over my trailer that my Backwoods are on want a good winter project for next year.biggrin.gif
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You trade that 84 for a sheetmetal roof? Always looking for a deal Smokinit.

I am headed out to the garage, we'll see what I come up with---I like the trailer ideas, maybe get one of those kids electric jeeps to hall it around with?

Pretty cool idea with the wagon and also just storing it inside the 60!!

Keep Smok'n

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Now thats a posibilty. That little reverse flow would be nice to bring around to the compititons I go to good attention getter. I may have to have me one of those. PM me and give me a ball park if your interested
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So far so good, I still have to figure out what to do for a stand, either the wheels I found in the garage, or a normal stand--its still light enough to lift by hand-- its so small.

I also have to put a rain cap on the chimney, remove some paint and make a coal box/grate plus cooking rack--- it is pretty easy to operate, in testing, I got 375 then ramped it down to 225---here is todays Pics:-)

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too freakin' cool! Hey if it's that light...just weld on some steel legs. I mean a couple cute li'l wheels might be cool too... I love that thing!
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Thats perfect. Love it.
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You COMPLETELY need to work up some sort of clown-car trick where you pull this thing out at a comp and start pulling smoked sausages out of it and they keep coming out and coming out and coming out. LoL! Awesome project btw, completely envious.
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that is really neat, make sure you post pics as you go.
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In Minature

Hey Steve,
That is definately a baby. Looks like a good motor cycle tow!
Let us see the final product.
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I love it that thing is so awsomely cool..............I still like the little radio flyer idea.................Keep us posted on the baby lang.........
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It's been said many times before, but I have to say it again -- that thing is really cool!!

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Todays Progress

Hey Smokinit---I will know better what I have into this when I am done, which won't be too long---I hope:-)

Thanks for all the cool comments guys. Here is todays progress, I added a rain cap to the chimney, a slide out charcoal grate, a grill grate, and vent stops, plus wheels--------- still have to remove paint and add some more stuff!

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