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Just getting started...

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I took my first smoker (char-griller w/ SFB) on her maiden voyage today. I live in McKinney, Tx and thus far everyone I run into expects me to be a pro because I live in TX. It's like they think when you come out of the womb you have your first pair of boots, hat, and smoking recipe book w/ you. Oh and my all time favorite is they think people ride horses to school!

Anyway the first stab at it went pretty much as expected. I was able to keep it at 225 the entire time but had almost no smoke. One side was tough and one side was tender so we ate half and the dog at the rest. I guess we all can't be experts from the get go. This is just going to force me to eat more smoked meats. I just hope it better next time.

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Living in Texas must be cool.. Do you carry around a lasso all the time?

Welcome aboard!! It's a slippery slope.. Once you get started, you can't stop. Right now, I want to smoke just about everything :-)

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Welcome aboard...............You found the right place to learn...............You might want to take the 5day ecourse..............
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Did you use the 3-2-1 method on the ribs? As far as the smoke goes, as long as you can smell the smoke, you are smoking. Thin blue is what you should shoot for.
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Andy......i read his post 4 times........never saw what kind of meat he fact

Pa.........what WAS the type of meat you used..........
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I smoked up some ribs.

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WD, I read an earlier post of his and assumed it was the same smoke due to the lack of smoke.
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no just cheated..........................LOLOL
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Welcome Pawebb, we will get you fixed up right quick. Enjoy!!!cool.gif
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Welcome Paul!smile.gif
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Steve we talked bout this before-but Andy is claravoient-you need to side step him-he does have the power-he knew what paw was smoking before paw did-scary!Iowa huh!thats scary too.
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sorry paw they from Iowa-welcome to SMF glad to have ya here-we like to rib others and help at the same time-glad u found us.
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Welcome aboard paw, glad to have ya! You gained experience on your first smoke! If it had turned out perfect, you would just be more disappointed down the road when you had you first "less then perfect" smoke. There is no such thing as a bad smoke, just good smokes better smokes and excellent smokes.

Kinda sounds like you need a few mods on your smoker to distribute the heat better. Do a search here on the forum. Others have done many mods to a unit like yours I'm sure. I have a different unit so will not try and tell you what you need to help make it more efficient.

And as far as bein from Iowa, there just jealous because we have all the pigs, cows and corn!

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You get to ride horses to school? Wow. I had to walk 5 miles uphill both ways. Welcome Paw to SMF. Lots of good folk here to aid you on your journey. Warning this hobby is very addictive with no Known cure. Just hang on and ride the wave of crave.
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