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Finally back on-line

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Got moved out to Montana ok, the trip was pretty uneventful. Left on a
Thurs afternoon, spent the night in Bismark and got to Hardin before noon Fri.

Not much smoking going on yet, everything is still packed away in mom's garage, while I am working with the bank so I can get started on my place. Have been eating all I made before I left, Down to my last pack of Jerkey, almost out of Venison Bacon, and the snack sticks are going fast also. I might not run out too soon, if Mom would quit giving stuff to everybody that stops by.

This weekend I am starting to work on that old commercial freezer I have to convert it to a smoker.

Just wanted to check in , will see ya later.

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Glad the trip went ok. Glad to have you back here. Time to get the smoker fired up and get that freezer filled back up!
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Welcome back!
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Welcome back...............Hope you get your smoker going soon........
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