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Great looking mods...........I hope it all works out for you.......Let us know how it goes with a full load and don't forget the q-view............
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Jon, looking really good man. Have you done a dry run with wood in there?? was wondering how well it maintained a nice TBS.
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Not yet - I've been running it in an open garage since I still have to fab a cover for the gas valve. That's the project for this weekend, followed by seasoning (with hickory), hopefully followed by an inagural smoke next weekend.

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Sweet can't wait for the results. I had a brain storm about doing a similar system. But using a variable pilot light or tinny burner under a chip pan to keep the smoke going then one or two main burners to maintain temps. Might be a good winter project. My project list for the summer is totally booked already.
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Sausage hangers

Just finished up some simple hangers for smoking homemade sausage:


Used 1/2" hardwood oak dowels cut to length, then a router with 1/4" rounding bit to smooth the ends. Made positioning grooves where they contact the rails by turning them against a 1/4" straight bit. Finished up with a light sanding and was done in about 30 minutes:


Gas valve cover is in process, but it's taking a lot of bending and welding. biggrin.gif


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Electrical & Gas Diagram...

showing how the electrical wiring & LP plumbing was connected.



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Final mod - removable rain stack

The last mod I'm making is a removable rain stack. I started with an 8" to 6" reducer, an 8" flange cover and a standard 6" rain cap (like the one travcoman45 used to make his stack in

I first welded the flange cover to the reducer:


and used tin snips to cut the metal enough it could be folded down so the flange would be flush with the smoker when flipped over:


I MIG welded all but 12 of the tabs down (evenly distributing the 12 remaining). Into each of the 12 slots I inserted a 1/2" diameter, 1/4" thick Samarium-Cobalt magnet (had to pound down the flange to make a few fit):


[SmCo magnets are good up to around 500 deg F. Don't use Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets as they lose their magnetic property at 176 deg F. SmCo magnets come in different grades. The magnets I used are rated to hold 11 lbs each, but that's in direct contact. I estimate it takes 10 lbs force to pull the stack directly off the smoker with these 12 magnets.]

I ended up welding the remaining tabs down but don't recommend it unless yo are a very good welder. I'm not, and the results were terrible, but I'd already cut the excess length off the tabs before learning how hard it is to weld in a strong magnetic field. If given another chance I would pop rivet them.

I then drilled out the rivets holding the top to the 6" vent cover and tossed the bottom in the trash:


I used pop rivets to fasten the top to the new bottom:


and put two layers of Gorilla Tape around the flange to protect the smoker. I then painted everything with more high temp black epoxy paint:


What's to say - it keeps rain from falling in and doubles to hold the smoker cover on when not in use. May have been worth the time since I wanted to use the factory cover which precluded the typical permanent stack mod.


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Its obvious your a heck of a fabricator. You put a lot of work into this project. I hope it works for ya.
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What can I expect to pay for one of these smokers? I am in the market for a smoker, but don't want to make a mistake.

I was looking at the treagers and still am, but want to make sure I choose the right item.

I built a 4x4 jeep and when I first started I purchased a bunch of stuff I did not need and was a waste of money, money that I could have allocated to better more useful equipment. I am trying to do research now before making the same mistake

I like the Propane or electric models, I had the bullet smoker in the past and it didn't work out for me couldn't regulate it.
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I bit the bullet and just purchased the a smoker, not sure what it is called. what is the difference between the big block and deluxe model. it is the Should be here in 5-10 business days
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Sorry for the delay - been on vacation. The smoker I bought was $250 delivered. With all the mod parts I've added I'm a little over $500.

I'd like to make sure we're speaking of the same smoker models before I venture an answer to the differences. The big block I refer to is the model 3605BGD. What model is the deluxe you ordered?

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Same model # as yours
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