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Hello eveyone,

My name is Big John I live in South Lake Tahoe ,CA. I have been grilling for 20 years steaks, burgers, chicken, etc. both gas and coal. I just bought a smoker, a Brinkmann smoke 'n grill. I have never smoked before and figured I need a new adventure in Q. the real thing. I love the taste of smoked meat ribs, brisket, pork shoulder, etc. I enjoy playing the guitar (blues) boating fishing camping and most of all drinking beer. I drive a concrete mixer in the summer months and plow snow for the county in the winter. I have been married for 17 years to a wonderfull woman who can't wait for me to get the smoker going. She like it when I cook because she not to good at it. I have a son 16 and you know how teens eat, anything and everything. Thats me in a nut shell, and I look forward to meeting and talking, chating, and exchanging information,and good stories, tall tales take care and happy smoking

God Bless

Big John
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welcome to SMF big john, you will find everythin you listed here i am sure. hope you hav as good a time as i do here!!!
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wow john.........a man after my own ....smoking.......and best of all.......DRINKING BEER............

make sure to sign up for Jeff's FREE 5-day ecourse ........

and also.......remember this.....if NOTHING else........the ONLY stupid the one that is not ASKED........k?

Welcome big boy.......welcome..........

also don't forget.......we like.....almost INSIST......on didn't happen......LOLOL cool.gif
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Welcome to the forum. This is a great place.
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Welcome Big John!smile.gif
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Welcome, bigjohn... look frwd to your posts..
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Welcome to the gang Big John! Before you throw any food in that smoker, do some searches for topics that purtain to you. For example, go to charcoal smokers forum and check out the modifications you can make to the brinkman to make it work alot better. Also take the 5 day ecourse, and spend a few hrs checking out threads that will help you learn alot. Congrats on your new smoker and soon to be obsession!

Capt Dan!

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Welcome to the forum! Lots of good information here. Keith
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Welcome aboard John, glad to have ya.
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Welcome BigJohn, You came across a site that is very informative and great people, My wife does not like anything smoked so I do envey you. SMF has helped me and it will you, ask and u will receive
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how many roll calls you going to do big john...........i see you started another need to put in your options, to recieve a email alert when someone replies to a thread you either started.......or replied too
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welcome big john, since I have had my smoker I hardly ever use my grill.
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