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trial run bacon

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well, i pulled the couple pieces of pork belly i had curing in the fridge for the past week and a half. washed them well and let them soak in ice water for about an hour. one just had insta cure rubbed on it and the other same except a couple days ago i added some home made maple syrup to it. sliced off a couple pieces from each and threw it in the ol frypan and tasted great, the maple syrup stuff could tell needs to be cooked slower as the sugar lets it burn easier. but the maple flavor is there in a tasteful amount. so its under the fan rite now and to the smoker it goes this afternoon. will update with some qview later on.
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can't wait dude...........doing summer sausage here in a couple days....after that........pulling out the 5 lb belly from the freezer, and give my first belly bacon a shot
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Good luck with the bacon erain, sounds great so far!
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hea WD, i cut my bellies into chunks past fall when we butchered and the ones i got going rite now added up to just over 5lbs also. i think i have 4 more chunks of bellie in the freezer. used to just fry it up as side pork with season all, every year always intended on trying bacon but this year the first. will letcha know how it comes out.
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kewl dude.........and don't forget the q-view
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Sounds good man! Tryin to find bellies round here to do bacon, only thing I can find so far are pre sliced. Gotta check a couple more butcher shops outta town and see what they got. You've got my mouth waterin already and ain't even seen a picture yet!
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trav.........just sent you a pm on where to find bellies
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Sounds great. Looking forward to the qview of the bacon.
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sure glad u didn't have the salt issue you were worring about erain. sounds like is all gonna turn out great-member low & slow till internal bout 140-6-8 hrs-all your doing is addinf flavor-good luck my friend.
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i tell ya DL, everything is lookin great so far, keepin temp low, the thin blue is cooperating. i was worried about GOSM not producing smoke that low of temp but after reading this forum and finding out that smoke billowing out is not really what you want. but is doing great with light smoke, sometimes almost cannot see the smoke coming from top vent but its there. camera batts are charged!!!! icon_smile.gif
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