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Hello all! Newb from Vancouver, WA

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Hi everybody. I found this forum after a google search for recreating the Texas Land and Cattle smoked sirloin. I have 6 lbs of Tri-tip in my smoker now!

I live in Vancouver, WA. I like sunsets and walks on the beach. Besides cooking, I enjoy photography and NFL football.

I lived in Texas for 6 years and really became a smoking/BBQ lover. I have a drum smoker that I used for a couple of years, but find it to be VERY difficult to control the temp and had varying results. I was given a gas smoker for Christmas two years ago and love it. It's a cheapie from Wal-mart, but it works very well for me. I have the HARDEST time finding wood for it though.

I'd love to know where any PAC NW'ers get their supplies. I can only find Kingsford chips during the summer in the grocery stores, but I like to smoke in the winter, too! I miss the BBQ supply stores in Texas for sure!

Thanks to the admins/mods for providing a great forum for discussion!
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Hey welcome to the board.

As for chips or chucks go to joes or sportsmens warehouse. Stockup right b4 winter because they consider it a seasonal item mad.gif .
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Welcom to SMF.....not sure about chips or wood in your area, but have patience and someone will be along to point you in the right direction.

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Welcome to the site...........Around here walmart carries wood chips and chunks...........
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Howdy Bradske, and welcome to the SMF. You'll enjoy the friendly members here, they enjoy sharing smokes, Q Views, and good times. Glad to have you aboard.
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Welcome to SMF Brad. Hmmm they cut all the trees out of Washington? They can't ALL be coniferous, can they? Well, maybe they are... Anyway...enjoy your time here!
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good to meet you Brad, enjoy your time here...There has to be some good wood up your way. Keep looking, you will find it.
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welcome to the Group. You will like it here. Good luck on that TRI, lookin to see some pics!wink.gif
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check out wal mart i get hickory and apple chunks there and sportsmens warehouse sells them any large sporting goods store should have them welcome to the site i live just north west of you a ways in a small town called forks i also cut my own alder apple plum and cherry vine maple is another good locale wood for smoking if you need help with anything just let us know we will be glad to help you out

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Welcome to the forum. Don't forget to post a qwiew of your smokes.
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Sunsets and walks on the beach??? I like that, a sense of humor... And welcome to the best site on the web.
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Welcome to SMF.
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Bradske Welcome

You may want to look at the places already mentioned as well as Bi-mart,Home Depot,Lows,Freddys. I dont know of any BBQ shops in the area that sell just BBQ stuff. This is the time of season to take a drive through the North East part of the county because everyone is trimming their fruit trees etc. right now. I see trimmings everywhere I go. Try Fruit Valley, Hockinson, Orchards and La Center. I have seen downed apple trees in the last three. Get stocked up for next year. If you want dry chunks and chips right now go to sportsmans they have a few different flavors. Try cash n carry they sell #40 bags of lazzari lump for under $14.

It shouldent be to much trouble to find a thread or two on makeing that UDS work like it ought to. Sounds like you just need to get it to seal up better.
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Welcome to the forum Bradske!
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welcome to the forum, if you do not have any of these stores where you live check out ebay.
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