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Stoker on lang

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Has any of you lang owners out there added a stoker unit to it? I was looking at the units and watched some vids on youtube of people running large stick burners with them. It seems like it might be a good idea to help keep the temp much more stable. I know with wood you cant really leave it for long periods of time anyway because of smoke issues but might make it a little more hands off.
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I think "Rag" has experience,

I remember reading a forum elsewhere where Rag used 2 Gurus on his old 60.

You really shouldn't need one with that unit unless your doing all nighters or you don't want to add fuel for 4 hours. If your wood is dry and split small enough, once started, the 60 should chug away with TBS for 40 minutes without adding stick, although I know this can be a pain if the game is on. You know, a cheaper mod for you may be sides on your grate to turn it into a charcoal basket, then you can load it up, and add sticks on top?

Gadgets are fun too though:-)

Edit---I found the link-----http://www.barbecuenews.com/forum/post.asp?method=ReplyQuote&REPLY_ID=130398
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I have some pics here of mine on a 84 it works great. One 25cfm fan will work fine and it allowd me 3hrs between fill ups. It has the ability to keep track of multiple meat temps you can view it and adjust temps on your laptop and it can run multiple smokers at a time with addtional fans. it's a fun toy. The BBQ Guru does the same thing but it's 25cfm fans don't seem to be as stong so two are needed. It has some features the stoker doesn't so have fun looking at both. I am a dealer for Guru also so if you want more detailed info PM me.
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All nighters was what i had been thinking about steve. Getting some sleep would be nice. I was also thinking aobut making some kind of basket, im not really sure which way i want to go yet. 40 min is right on the mark for added more wood.
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