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First Smoker: GSOM Big Block or smaller size?

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Alright, I'm ready to enter the world of smoking and have determined that a GOSM propane smoker will be perfect for my needs. I am having a bit of a problem deciding between the two sizes though. Here's my dilemma:

- My space is a bit limited so I could benefit from the smaller size BUT I worry about fitting whole racks of ribs into the 16" model.

If anyone can address these concerns, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance for all of your help.
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Go for the big block. I have 2 GOSMs for that very reason, there is WAAAY more room in the big block.
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lol, I kid you not my buddy last year bought the small one. He's looking to buy the big block this week. hehehehehe I told him it's better to grow into it than grow out of it.
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Big Block for sure.
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I have had the smaller one for about a year now. I wish I had spent the extra money and bought the big block. Most of the time I have to cut my slabs in half to fit them in. Don't get me wrong I love the one I have because I can still fit 6 nice sized shoulder in it and more and it does a great job (see pictures). I have been ragging the old lady about getting the big block but it is falling on deaf ears. Good luck with your decision.

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Thanks for the responses. you guys have made my decision easy...although my wife might not appreciate the use of patio space.

Btw...nice pics there, pduke. Saw those fatties on the top shelf and I can't wait to try my first.
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No question about it, friend....Go with the big block. The 16" is nice, but you'l;l outgrow it very quickly...I know I did and that's why I own two of 'em. I bought the big block within 3-4 months of getting the smaller one. Its all good though...there have been plenty of occasions that I've used both at the same time for larger parties. Its pretty convenient to be able to do fatties and abt's in the little one for appetizers while the big block cranks out the ribs and shoulders.

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Go big now so you don't want it later.
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Glad to help Jaye. You are going to love it. My wife was scepticle at first but when she got a taste of the smoked wonders that came out of it, she was hooked.

Brian, could call my wife and explain the benfits of having 2 GOSM s please!
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Go with the big block... you can make the meal larger, but not the smoker.
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LOL... Wise words, Oh Pepperdude!
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Jaye I have both the small one and the wide body. It's funny how mostly every one that has bought the smaller one has now gotten the bigger one. Trust me get the wide body, if your limited to space you won't need 2. And you WILL end up getting the wide body.
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I too am looking at the GOSM smokers. I know I want the bigger one, but want to know what the difference between the "big block" and the "wide body" is. I can order a wide body that is 20 inches wide from Wal-Mart but dont know if that is the same thing that is being called the big block are these two different models? If so, can some one direct me to a website to order a big block version?
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I maybe wrong but the wide body is 20" wide the big block is 24" wide. I saw the big block on a site somewhere I think it was home depot. Just do a web search and you should be able to find one
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Check out my other post too.... as I'm looking for places to buy it as well.
Seems like all I can find is Amazon, Epod2000, Bass Pro and Home Repot.
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Once you have a Big Block you will never want anything smaller.

12 baby back pork ribs without rib racks
4 12# briskets
4 7# meatloaves
6 large pork butts
12 whole chickens on their backs
8 drunken chickens
some mixture of the above
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Reviews on the GOSM talks about being hard to keep under 200 deg. Might be interested in that in you want to cold smoke.

Isn't bigger always better?

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Go big block. lots of room inside.
I am glad I got one.
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