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OK the Lang and the house are bought. Wife doesnt like color of new houses fresh paint and has invited several friends to help next weekend, promising I would cook on the new just cured Lang. I have 2 frozen brisket sections about 3.5 lbs each. One pork butt about 7 lbls. Will smoke all.

Here is where I need help. I have smoked in homemade smoker many times but not the new land. Trial by fire I guess. The pork butt no prob but the small brisket sections Not sure of. Any difference handling these small sections? Have tried and true rub.
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Get the brisket on well before the butt. And if it's for tonight get it on NOW. You can always cooler it for a few hours if needed, but if ya hit a stubborn plateau... well, you know.

Is there sufficient fat caps on the B sections? If not I'd suggest a fat based injection and perhaps some bacon strips on the meat for half the smoke. Remove for better bark formation.

I use mustard as a base for my large hunks, and I sear the heck outta brisket before rub/ smoking over a screaming hot wood/charcoal fire. Could do it over your firebox just after ya get it going I guess...
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