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mailbox smoker ??

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Anybody ever heard of making an old U.S.P.S. mailbox into a smoker ? Gotta chance to haul one away and was wondering. Pretty big .icon_question.gifPDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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Did you notice how thick? 11 gauge(1/8th inch) or 3/16 inch???
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I think they pretty thick-that would make a great smoker i think-being my daughter a mail carrier-what a cool project grilla-q view & keep us posted.
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I'd think it'd be cool! Might have to have it hot-tanked to remove the 15 or so coats of paint, no doubt half of which are lead based. Repaint with the hi-temp stuff.

Dunno how large the removal door is on those, but you'd want complete access to the racks- Might need to remove and hinge the entire "square" front portion. Would need a plate/waterpan setup, and perhaps a slide in firebox below.

Man that would look neat with smoke drifting out the letterdrop slot!
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Mailbox smoker

I know a guy that has built a smoker from a drop type USPS box. I'll try to get some pics of it. I suggested adding a Char-Griller side firebox to it.
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I had a thread about this a while back.

Here is a link for a guy who sells them. Pretty sweet, but expensive as heck.

Here is my original thread:
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That would be a damn cool looking smoker..........I would give it a shot........keep us posted.....
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didnt get the thickness. I actually thought when I looked at it that it was alot lighter than I thought it would be , but seemed solid. this is a real old school one and HAS a full hinged door on the front . Come to think about it I didnt notice a drop slot. Maybe this was used for some other purpose. says U.S. Mail on the side ( and covered in graffiti )
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grab it grilla-gonna make a heck of a smoker
if not I will take it
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fun project.
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Yeah, but will it deliver some good smoked food?
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oooooouch! ;{)
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