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what can i say, bought it in 1996 on my 40th birthday. and it`s still in 1 piece except for wobbly legs. not going anywhere soon.
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If you like it, no need to toss it just because the legs are wobbly. Mine isn't that old (yet) but what you might try is just drill through the legs and put a bolt through the bottom and entire leg. Put a fender washer on the leg side and bend it to wrap around the leg, slap a locknut on and tighten 'er up.

I don't have your exact model but it seems like that would work on mine.

Good luck.

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i have been thinking about making a cart with 14 in steel wheels. northern tools has 14 and 20 in steel wheels like the bigger smokers. i keep coming up with different rolling cart ideas.
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My neighbor gave me some old lawnmower wheels, I used a solid threaded 5/8" rod with washers, it tightened it up nicely and it doesn't wobble anymore.

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good idea, that would work on one side of mine. by my firebox both leg studs that are in the leg have a broken weld on one side. our yard is by the cornfield and it is very rough. i even thought about mounting it in a yard cart and move it with the mower. if i could get 2 new legs i would do the wheels.
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they fell off

My rope gasket didn't stay on as well as I liked.

Along the back is still fine, but the sides and front fell off.

So now I just stuff the rope gasket into the crevice along the sides.
Kinda the jury rigged way of doing it.. but it seems to work fine.
I just have to re-stuff the gasket in there every time I open the lid.

You would think the engineers at Brinkman and Chargrill would figure this out and do something about the leaky lids.
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[quote=master_dman;259910]My rope gasket didn't stay on as well as I liked.

Mine didn't stay on either. I just ended up taking it off completly. Haven't noticed a diff in temps at all with it off.
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Hey all, I'm new to the forum. I've got a new SnP. I've only fired it up once now to cure it, and there was definitely a bit of smoke coming out from between the lid and the bottom. It really needs some sealing. I'm going to go talk to the BBQ shop later this week and see what they recommend or if there is a gasket I might be able to assemble. I am wondering if anyone has ever considered or tried using a high temperature sealant like this It is my understanding that Silcone is not toxic, so I don't see how there would be any problems with using it. I would also think that it would have a much greater bond than using glue on that wire rope.

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I thought about sealing mine but then decided not to after reading about other members frustrations. The deal closer was when Capt Dan pointed out that we we were all concerned about some smoke and heat escaping around the lid when we have a 3" hole in the top anyway. So I figured . . . why bother.

I also figure, based on my tastes and that of my family, that if I have smoke coming out under the lid, the smoke is too heavy and I need to back off. I use it as a guide to find the appropriate level of TBS. But then some may like it smokier than me and my friends.

Just my opinion.

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Well heck, that kind of sensible thinking ruins the whole hobby now doesn't it... icon_frown.gifbiggrin.gif
I think that, perhaps, a few gentle but strategic taps with a ballpeen hammer might work wonders for this 'problem'.
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