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welcome to SMF teener,like I told u in chat I no nothing bout gassers-but I bet sombody with more expereance be here soon to help ya.
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Same problem with a lot of the GOSM units. Most have installed a needle valve to control the gas flow a little better. Check out this thread ....

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i know you are in the middle of a smoke........and need help now......maybe crack the door abit, to let some heat escape, till you can add some mods

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Teener: Not familar with your unit, does it have a draft control on top and bottom? If both, top should be wide open and use the bottom to help control heat as well. If the bottom draft is full open and still to high, you may have to install some further gas control or maybe even a second damper at the bottom. Hope this helps.
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Not familiar with your smoker teener, but welcome to the forum.
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