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Trying to Mod ECB

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I have been doing some mods to my ECB and it must be an older unit it has the round Dowel Handels rather then the flat wood style.

I have been trying to find a Grate for the charcoal pan but haven't had much luck.. I read on Randy's site and he says he used a Smokey Roe Grate (13") Well the top opening of my pan is only 12 3/4" at the widest I found that a Charcoal Grate from a Smokey Joe is 10 1/2 inches and would work even if I have to add blocks under it...

Well no one locally has one so I called Weber and they refused to sell me parts if I don't own a grill...

Does anyone else have a suggestion for a grate or where I might find something similar??
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is this a gourmet version?
with the lift off body?
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I found them at Home Despot. ;{) Or..lie to Weber. Don't they know where their bread is buttered? Weird.
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Try ACE Hardware, or any hardware store, HD, Lowes, theyll have them. Good Luck!
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Regular Smoke and Grill

This one is a regular smoke and grill..

I tried to lie to Weber but they wanted me to register my grill ...
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Allright you got a pict of it? Have you tried Ace or the others?
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smoke and grill.........thought you was talking a verticle water smoker........and PISS on weber.........guess they hate making money
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I have plenty of hardware wire around here-I cut a piece close to the shape bent over the ends and whala-I have a pretty simple grate-burned off real good of course-has lasted alot of smokes so far-when It goes bad I make another.
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Grate ?

Well I just got off the phone with ace and they have one For $8 I will be going there tomm...

Walking Dude the smoke N Grill is a Verticle Water Smoker

I the smoke N Grill or the gourmet Better??? I know where I can get a Gourmet..
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i like the gourmet better........easier to add charchol and wood chunks.....

i have posted mods on it here.........

i have used ecb's for over 20 years
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WOW talk about a plateau!! Cripe! PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Gourmet ??

Well I went and picked up a Gourmet today (from the sale I got the ECB) i saw it the other day but the Water pan and grates were missing so i passed it up...

Well I brought the gourmet home and the grates work out of my ECB but the water pan is too small...

Was the water pan out of the gourmet a different size???

I'm thinking of taking the brackets out of the ECB
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yeah bunky.........those water pan won't cross over......the grates will........but not the pan

if nothing the brinkman they will send you one free of charge...........if nuthing else i would go back on the retailer who sold it to you
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Finishing up

Ok I got most of the mods complete and I'm about to install and after market thermometer.. Should I put it in the top of the lid or in the front at grate level??
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mine is in the top the top grate level
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