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first Qview

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The start of the cook
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sorry everyone I do not have finished pictures. I got very agrevated with figureing out this qview out. I will do better next time and have all the pictures. The ribs were rubbed with McCormick's chilipoltie and cinnamon rub. used the 2-2-1 method. The last hour I mopped with John Boy and Billy sauceand the very last mopp I used Sweet baby ray's. They were awsome. Side dishes were my own baked beans corn on the cob and cornbread. I usually make my own Jack Daniels sauce but just wanted to take the easy way today.
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Here's a helpful link for Q-VUE instructions: LINK That's how I learned icon_smile.gif

Sounds as if your smoke was a success. Hope compliments were for the chef!!
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took me a long time to get it right too. I had to have my college student son show me repeatedly. Don't give up.
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Thanks, I should have did a little more research.I am stuffed supper turned out great.
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Congrats on a successful smoke. I used the cinnamom chipotle rub tonight on a few racks myself. My older daughter loves it.
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I just got a jar of the cinnamon chipotle rub from my BIL. How are you guys liking it...I am kinda funny about cinnamon on my Q ever since I did some morrocan spiced chix last summer.

Sounds like a feast LA...dont worry you will figure out the pic posting situation in no time.
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I was suprised the cinnamon chipolte rub was actually pretty good. I would recommend it.
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