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Minion Method Burn Pattern

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Given my propensity to overthink things, I am compelled to ask this question.

When using a charcoal basket in a horizontal barrel smoker with a side firebox (like the Brinkmann SnP) what do you feel is the best burn pattern to use for the minon method to acheive long burn times with consistent controllable temps.

Top down
Side to side
S pattern (as a basket with the following overhead view would provide)

Thanks for your feedback.

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I just pile mine up and dump some live ones in the middle, by the looks of it you would almost have to sprinkle some live ones all around or start the live ones on one end.....although I've not seen a basket with this kind of pattern before.
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The S pattern/maze pattern is pretty common. Klose makes one ($$) that you may want to look at for ideas.

If you won't have your basket sitting on a grate in the firebox, be sure to remember to put legs on it so the ashes have somewhere to go.

On edit, here is the link, bottom of the page. http://www.bbqpits.com/new_models_coming_soon/BBQ%20Seasoning%20Gift%20Packs%20&%20BBQ%20Accesso ries.htm
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Fatback Joe is on the $ about the ashes, you've got to provide air circulation, or it might smother out.
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I have my charcoal grates raised in both offsets- allowing ash to fall thru and not smother the fire....

I usually pile from the smoke chamber end towards the intake end - lump or charcoal- with a couple chunks of my smoke wood chunks or a foil log full of chips with fork holes in the top... leave an area at the intake end open to dump the chimney full of hot coals.... then the burn works towards the smoke chamber end...

If it is a long smoke I will add right on top of the already hot coals or fill another chimney....

Play around with it and see what works best for you... if it isn't going good you can move things around some.....
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