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Fatty Question

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Hello all, this is my first post. I've been a lurker for a while now and have tried several of the wonderful recipes I have found on here, what an awesome site. My question is when you smoke fatties, do you serve them warm/hot right out of the smoker or do you eat them cold? I ask because I mainly use my smoker to bring food into work (wife and family don't like smoked foods), I never have time to cook before I come into work so I usually just bring them in cold. Everyone loves them cold and I personally think you can taste more of the flavor but I was wondering what others did. Thanks for the replies.
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Hot or cold?

You have a problem, when you pull the fatty off your smoker, there won't be enough time for it to cool off---it will be gone before you can wrap it up.

Seriously, to re-heat a slice, it is very quick either in a fry pan or nuke it, but there is so much fat in a fatty, that you will enjoy it better when it is warm. Again, you may not have any leftover!!!
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What Smok'n Steve said.
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You can always use the fattie mixed in with something else heated up too. Things like eggs, or chili, or well you get the idea. I have eaten a cold fatty but really tastes better warm in my opinion
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I know what you are saying with mixing it in other foods. I made a killer pot of "smoked" chili for work last fall using a fattie and some other ingredients. I'll post the recipe later.
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If I do one, it never survives to get cold. If doin multiples, I place in a zip bag and then in the fridge, You can warm in a toaster oven or nuke it, I like them cold for a snack too. There's no wrong way to eat a fattie!
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need to do what best fits your desire. I kinda like mine cold to.
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I like mine heated the day after...sliced thin and either put it on a hoagie roll or wrap it up in a flour tortilla. Instant breakfast lunch or dinner.

I have reheated in a pan and in the microwave...I have found both methods to be equally tasty. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Fatties are great in a lot of ways. I personally like them warm best but it's really just a matter of how you like them. But I was just thinking ..... if you like cool leftovers, you might want to try turkey legs. Smoke them just like you would the turkey itself. I like to brine them (or not) and then smoke them with a little hickory or cherry. They are delicious cold or warmed over. Great lunch or snack food and I'll guarantee you will have a devoted following.
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I like to slice my fatties and put them on toast with a slice of cheese and fried eggs, eat them like a sandwich..... Great for dinner or breakfast.........
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I have only done one fatty so far and thought it was best right out of the smoker. Next day, nuked on english muffin was good too though.
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I was wondering if anyone ever tried making a burrito out of their filling and then rolling it up in the sausage? I thought it might be a much simplier and cleaner wrap. ?????
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How do you guys stuff your fattys?...do you just flatten out the log...and then roll it back up?
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With a name like "fatty", one would assume that the sausage is your rolling paper and the stuffing is your tobacco. icon_lol.gif
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I have had a new (at least I haven't seen them on here) fatty ideas How about a philly style fatty. Shaved steak, peppers, onion, cheese. Then slice it up an put it on a hoagie.
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Check this out for Breakfast pizza:-)

Check this out for Breakfast pizza:-)

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Yup thats about it, flatten mine out to 3/8 to 1/2 inch thick on wax paper, put the goodies in leaving a bare edge all around the fatty, start rollin it back up with the wax paper, as the paper starts to roll under just pull it back, keep goin till you have your log, then pinch the seam shut and the ends, shape it up a bit with your hand, I use the wax paper to carry to the racks, smoke, eat and enjoy!
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Fattys are good ANYTIME but as with anything, always better the next day after flavors marry!!
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about how long do these take to smoke?..im going to try one friday
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Usually 2-3 hours depending on the size.
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