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Pulled some Pork...

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Rubbed down a nice boneless pork butt with a tasty rub (ingredient list to follow) Let it sit with the rub for over 30 hours (I had been awake longer) Here it is going into the smoker.

Checked and added more wood at 120 degrees

Plateau at 135... Looking good and tasting so as well...

This plateau never lifted really...The temp slowly went up for the rest of the cook. Here at 170

Finally made that magic temp... It sure wants to fall apart... At 200 there is little holding it together.

Grab each side and pull aprt and the meat just falls aprt... YUM! Very moist inside...

Pulled and ready for consumption!!!

A finished plate of food...
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How you liking that little KC?
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I like it alot more after this smoke!

I did not soak the chips for this smoke and I got a better smoke. The chips were fully burnt by the end. In fact I had to add more chips for the first time.

I think I will do a brisket next ;)
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What did you have in mind..........about a 14 lber? eek.gif
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A 12 lb'r would fit if split... The smoker does have 2 little racks in it...

However I was thinking about a 6lb brisket... and maybe another butt ;)
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Have you used both racks at the same time? How even is the temp between the two?
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Looks great Vlap....even the corona.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

You sure put out good food with that KC, I wish I would have bought one while I could.
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Temp seems fairly even. Its such a small chamber the temp seems fairly consistant.
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Hi Vlap,
Looks great! How big was that boneless pork butt? Which do you like better bone-in or boneless?
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I would like to say it was 6lb at least... I definitely enjoyed the boneless since it makes things easier.
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Looks great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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How so
The bone basically falls out too. wink.gif

By the way, that looks fabulous
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Looks great. I could sure go for one of those sandwiches. Actually, I just ate a smoked turkey sandwich, not bad either.
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Congrats Vlap, a great smoke qith Q View too! I admire you for your approach to getting things done with whatever you have to work with, you find no problem improvising when needed. A good man in the field.
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