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Yet another newbie!

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Long time lurker, first time poster. I have a MES 30" stainless on the way. I'm a beginner smoker and long time griller. I'm a huge Vols fan. Look forward to getting a lot of info here and making some great food! Now everyone say it with me, GO VOLS! icon_lol.gif
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Welcome Aboard. Look Forward To Some Photo's.
Be Sure And Take Jeff's 5 Day Course And You Will
Pick Up Alot Of Good Info
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Welcome to SMF from a fellow MES owner !!!
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Welcome Voldaddy to SMF from yet another MES smoker.icon_wink.gif
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Welcome aboard Voldaddy.......Go Dawgs PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif

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Welcome aboard! Lots of great people here willing to share knowledge!
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Welcome from a fellow Vol Fan, lets hope Bruce and the boys can get it done.
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Welcome to the smf voldaddy, glad to see another VOL fan aboard..Lots and lots of good info in here.. Go big ORANGE..... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Woo-hoo, 2 fellow Vols and a Dawg mad.gif j/k. I did sign up for the 5 day course and newsletter. I got volume 1 via email today. I ordered a cover from Amazon today. All I need now is a good thermometer. My MES should be here next week. Thanks for the welcome everyone (even the Dawg fan) tongue.gif I hope to be smoking like Cheech & Chong next weekend!

BTW- what would you reccomend for my virgin smoke, something that's almost idiot proof yet will still taste good?
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OOOOOhhhh, that would be a fattie! Very easy and so satisfying!
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Welcome to the SMF.
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Welcome to the site!! Glad to have you here.
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Welcometo smf. My first smoke was baby back ribs and whole chickens. 225 for 4 and half hours hooked ever since.
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Welcome to the smf........Do a fattie you will love them...........
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Welcome to SMF from Yankee land. Go Blue!
As suggested a fatty is a great choice...or a Boston butt if ya wanna whole hunk-o-meat smoke.
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Welcome to the SMF!! Check out that 5 day ecourse mentioned earlier! Its full of good info and its free!
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Welcome to the SMF. You will find all the helpou need from the good folks here
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Welcome. At least the Vols wear orange.
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