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Sweet baby rays is the only store bought BBQ sauce I will buy. I live in Chicago so I am kind of partial to it. But like so many of the others on this site say I like to add to it and kind of spice it up or sweetin it up for my wife. You should also try Jeff's BBQ rub and sauce it ROCKS!
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Sorry, I still think baby ray's sucks. I know It's all personal preference. I also have made my own sauces, with good success, but I think doctoring a sauce for the "masses" , including BR's, is just fine. Takes less time and just as good. My 2 cents.
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Yep, I agree. This is a good sauce. Very similar to the way my wife makes it, except she adds brisket juice. Makes it by the gallon.

I agree again. SBR's is way too sweet and too thick like syrup for my liking. If I am forced to buy store bought sauce, I'm a Stubb's man.
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SBRs rocks! We love the original and that's pretty much all I use. The local grocery stores usually put in on sale a few times a year for .99 per bottle. I load up then!
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I used Sweet Baby Ray's when it first came out while livng in Chicagoland. My wife won't use anything else. I love it too. Walmart has it.


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