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Am I safe??

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I picked up meat on thursday, ground and mixed it last night, but had trouble stuffing it into the casings for snack sticks. I plan on picking up a stuffer on the way home from work today, stuffing it this afternoon, and smoking it tommorow. Its had the cure and seasonings in since last night, is it safe to continue? Its been in the fridge at about 38 degs.

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It will be perfect. It is best to let the meat sit with cure mixed in overnight, 2 nights should not hurt a thing. Look forward to hearing about your end product !!!
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yup what mossy says,won't be a problem at all.
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I'll concur with all, besure and get us some q-view!
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Should be good from a safety standpoint. I would think that the meat has "set up" pretty firmly, sitting for that length of time. That might make flow through the stuffer pretty tough. I'm not sure about adding water at this stage. If you haven't added any already, I would try about a quart per 25# of meat.
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a little vegtable oil will help you if the meat is too firm from cure add a little bit and mix with very cold meat if you have trouble getting through stuffer into casing. this seems to help on snack stick casings.
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Thanks everyone

I wanted to thank everyone for the advice. I picked up a guide series 5lb stuffer today from gander mountain and stuffed all 15lbs this afternoon. I took some pictures and will take a few more tomorrow when I smoke it. Now I just have to find my camera cable so i can upload them.

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