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Pork Butt ROAST

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Is Pork Butt Roast the same as a pork butt?
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Probably. Only if you roast it tho. Or so I suspect. I wonder about some of the names I see on meat hunks these days. Seems they invent them to sell/suit a situation/sale.

"country ribs" indeed.
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ya there pretty much the same-I will find the map of pig and post-Butt butt roast blade it's all pork-but ya come from diff parts-and also depends what side of the pen it gets up on!
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some people don't like the thought of eating butt, i personally think it's delicious, just a name game
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The way you put it you are making it sound like Ron White's Tater Salad !!!
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Mossy, i'll take that as a compliment.
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and we just call u pork butt from now on buzz
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Thanks for all the suggestions guys....I have one more thought...instead of water in the water pan...what else would be a good sub?
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In my opinion all water in the water pan does is contain heat to steady the smokers temperature and adds humidity. Water being the least expensive liquid seems to be the best choice, since I feel what ever else is in the water pan does not add any taste.
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yup my thoughts also-if u don't use water use a clean sand
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