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Hello from Florida

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Hi, I have been registered since June but did not realize that I should have been here first. I live in North Port ,Florida. Since most don't know where that is, it is about 75 miles south of Tampa or 40 miles north of Fort Myers. I use my GOSM as Much as possible. (This winter had lots of 80's) I do chicken and tenderloins. Tomorrow, I will cook my first 9 lb Boston Butt. This place is a great source of info!
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Welcome to the forum from the North side of Tampa. biggrin.gif
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welcome to smf from nowhere near Tampa.
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Welcome to the forum from Pensacola, FL.
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Hello and welcome!!!
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North Port, just north of Port Charlotte and some of the best fishing in the State of Florida. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
Welcome aboard, we can always use another Floridian. Or is you one of those transplants PDT_Armataz_01_35.gifwink.gif
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Here is a belated welcome to you, glad you are here with us !!!
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Some people suck, oh it's in the 80's, were freezin our butts off up here! Oh well, welcome aboard, least you will be dieing from heat exhaustion in a few months!icon_mrgreen.gif

By the way, just kiddin, get us some q-view of your next project!
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Welcome to the forum. Don't forget to post a qview of your smokes.
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From one Floridian to another. Welcome!
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Welcome Calc! (shiver... sorry old memories...) Enjoy your time and leran what ya will, and help where ya can!
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At least ya'll are consitant, sun-80*, mon-snow, tue and wed-60"s, today-snow, tomorrow-50's, sat-upper 60's, wonder erveryone around here is sick as hell.

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Welcome aboard......send some of that heat up north here..............
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Welcome to the SMF.
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If it makes you feel better, this weekend while I am kayaking the highs are only supposed to make it to the mid 60's...
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Welcome! Another Floridian here also. Although I will argue with Flash about the "some of the best fishing in the State of Florida" comment

I think Destin will give North Port a run for it's money
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No it dosen't! It's flippin 3 degree's here! Man I'm tired of being cold! Supposed to get in the 40's next week, we shall see! I think the local weatherman works for a communist country somewhere!
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Welcome mathman. I was just in Auburndale, so was near by (for training). I envy your weather. I worked in Madison, Fla for a year. Loved the weather down there. Anway, you are right, great source here. Don't forget the Q-View next time you smoke.
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Welcome aboard Calculus from another Floridian.
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