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Hello from Long Island

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Just wanted to introduce myself. I've been on the site for a little while, but have not had a chance to register. I'm from Long Island, N.Y., married, 3 kids, 2 dogs, a turtle and I use a MES (got it for Christmas). I'm hooked on the smoker. All week long all I do is think about what I'm cooking over the weekend. I think I'm going to do some jerky this weekend, but I saw someone did a prime rib that looked great so maybe I'll give that a try. icon_biggrin.gif Thank you all for all the tips I've picked up already.

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welcome to smf Dave-glad u quit lurking and joined new yorkers are getting to be like Iowans-dime a dozen around here-lotsa good folk and info here.
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Hia Dave! Glad ya joined in. Yeah it's pretty addicting stuff. But don't worry- we're the support group...supporting your addiction ;{)
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welcome aboard, Huntington here.
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Welcome dave...glad to have ya on board. Whats up with the turtle? Did someone say Snapper soup??? lolPDT_Armataz_01_16.gif
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Hello and welcome!!!
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I RESEMBLE THAT REMARK!!......biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

Welcome to the forum from one of the "dime-a-dozen" Iowans......wink.gif
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Welcome ...another STRONG ISLANDER!!!!! I'm from Rockland County...upstate to the LI folks!!
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Welcome to SMF, sounds like you have smokers itch quite bad..... best cure we have found is to just drag out the smoker for another smoke !!!

I have done a few prime ribs in the MES, they turned out great.
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Welcome to the forum. Don't forget to post qview of your smokes, we like to drool over the good eats.
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Here here now, I think with inflation and all we are nearly 15 cents a dozen thank you very much!

Oh and welcome aboard Dave! Besure and get them kids involved in those smokin projects!
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Thanks for the great welcome

Smokin Joe the turtle has been in the family for about 9 years and I'm not sure how good red eared sliders taste.

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Welcome to the site.....Great place here..........You will love it here....
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