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Good replacement elements?

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I've converted my GOSM charcoal smoker to electric, simply by adding a 1500 watt electric element from the brinkman cook n' cajun. I filled the charcoal box with gravel sized lava rocks and put the elemnt on top of them. It has worked well over the years, except that I go through 1-2 elements per year. It also seems that sometimes only the tips really heat up well. Does anyone know of a good electric element and where to get it?
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Dont know if it would fit in a GOSM, but I know a guy who used has used an element out of an old oven for a smoker and has had good luck with it...He has used both the main element and also the broiler element, got them free from the local appliance guy. Hope this might give you and Cheap or free idea.
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not a clue where to buy anything better, but i have 2 old school elements probably 20 years old and still going, had to replace the round sheet metal base on both, they get used 2-3 times a month and left outside in the smokers. just went out and put both in the shed, gotta keep them going until i can afford to upgrade to a mes this spring. btw, both elements seem to get hotter in the 2 u shaped loops on mine, i even put the wood chip pan directly on the element which i assume is a no-no.
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I'm doing a project in my MES to add an extra heater. I'm going to tryout a tubular element that can be shaped to fit. They are designed to operate in free air and the finished element will be similar to something used in an electric oven. I've never used one, but I'll let you know how it goes. The one I have on the way is a 650W, but they make them much higher. I'm not sure of what other (cheaper) options there are. The 650W is around $59 at omega engineering.
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I have seen elements on Allied Kenco's site.........Might want to check them out.........I my area there is a place that makes them and you can have them custom made, not sure on how much they cost.....I just know we had some made from there at work.........Check around and maybe there is some place like that in your area..............
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i run a 750w like what your getting its going on 4 years and i also have a 825w and 900w have run the 825w on cold days both work very well
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Thanks, I'll keep trying! Some good Ideas.
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Are you married to electric? I just converted my electric to propane with a $12 burner.
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Buy one of these, 1000W if you rewire the internals and get rid of the bi-metalic contacts. I paid $12 and running two in my electric smoker.
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2000w what size smoker do you have oh and yes superdave am married and i stuck on electric and coal.
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Actually I did try one of those portable elements. It wasn't that same brand. I still have it but I didn't think it put out enough heat. I didnt think of trying 2.
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Be sure you pull it apart and wire directly to the element, otherwise the control built into the thing cuts out at 140°. I believe that is what I found with mine. The one I pictured had one screw to take out and had quick connect terminals on the inside, so wiring was simple just plugging into a new place.

I also had a temp control switching the hot plate on/off. I just did a test with my smaller smoker and a single plate it heated til 211°. smile.gif

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AAAAHHHHH, ancient chinese secrets. Time for some tinkering.
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