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Help/ Question

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I am new to this site and maybe I ought to be somewhere else in here, I dont know. If so please excuse me. I have a question/problem. I purchased an gas great outdoor smoker at my local Walmart icon_lol.gif and I am having trouble getting enough smoke. The smoke box that came with the unit is tiny tiny so I have been trying an iron skilet. I have tried wrapping wood in foil, tried charcoal and placing wood on top but with all I have tried I cant get but about 20min max smoke with out giving it some attention. There is only one vent hole and it is on top, I have been debating on cutting another in the side down close to the fire box and see if that would make any difference. I am about to get mad because of not being able to get that much smoke. The smoker is nice in the fact you dont have to tend with it like I would a charcoal one. I can open the door and do what needs to be done and when I close it up the temp jumps right back to where it is supposed to be. All and any help is need, and thanks in advance..
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Welcome to SMF !!!
When you say that the chip box that came with it is too small are you saying that because the wood burns up to fast or are you having a problem to even get the wood to smoke?
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I am having trouble getting it to smoke. The box is probaly 3X5X1.5.. I have had the smoker going for say 30min and no smoke with the fire box.
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The little boxes do take awhile. I use an old Peaches can instead. Another of my friends use a cut down coffee can. Placing them on the flame will get the smoke going, but remember, you do not want too much smoke.
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Flash's right... you do NOT want smoke clouds rollin' out. A thin blue wisp of smoke it what you are after. Try the coffee can...burn off the paint first, of course. Does not take alot of wood/chips either. THIN AND BLUE. If you SMELL smoke... yer smoking.
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Thanks a bunch, I am new to the smoking but from what I have done so far I think I am going to LOVE it... See I thought you had to have smoke rolling out of the smoker to be doing any good. I have some chuncks, will that work just as good as chips? Also do I need to put foil over the can with a few holes in the top? Again thanks a bunch for your alls help. I luv this site it has so much interesting stuff it is hard for me to leave the computer.. :) PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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He's a goner! :{)

Chunks will work too- but you will most likely need to pre-burn them a bit. You don't want a wood fire going on in the pan either. Do a search on preburning.
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Ok thanks a bunch.... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I agree 100%. This guy if he isn't now will be a future addict buddy of ours !!!
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