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brine and bone

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O.K second try at whole chickens went well . Now I wanna try to de- bone one for tomorow. Brine before or after de-boning ? does it matter ? second , smoke em still opened up or roll em up ? Thinking will get to temp. better opened up but will take more room in the smoker.
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Why de-bone? Just curious.
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Don't know why you want to debone, but, personally, I would debone then brine and lay em out flat so you get and even smoke on em. Just me, never tried a deboned one in the smoker before. Good luck, let us know how it comes out!
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Sounds like your the "tester" for this, Gorilla. Good luck and go for it, I'm sure you'll do fine.

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dont like bones, but can use em for soup stock. love chicken breasts, never a big fan of dark meat, but smoked its good. chicken breasts go for $5.99 a pound here, so trying to find a way to make a whole chicken in a way where I will actually LIKE the whole thing. I am experimenting
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Well, if you cook it right (it will fall right off) and you like the breast and dark if smoked, then just de-bone it after you're done. So, you're a happy guy.

That's what I'd do and do with chicken and turkey. The easist way I know of to de-bone a yard bird.

We eat the breast and use the rest for chicken salad or such.
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$5.99!!!icon_eek.gif WOW I can get good ribeyes on sale around here for that!
On sale we get boneless breast for around $1.65/lb.

I think its a double edged sword, I also like to make my own broth so the bones would be great for that, but I also think cooking with the bones in adds flavor.
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