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SAM's Club - Masterbuilt Smokers

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I stopped at Sam's Club after work this afternoon and saw our local store is again stocking the 40" stainless steel for $299. Thought I would let everyone know that may be interested since Sam's stopped stocking them late last fall.
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They are pretty nice

They are pretty nice,

I was checking them out last year. They seem like pretty good quality.

Thats a pretty nice seven foot stainless you converted and posted on the smoker picture thread!
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hey MossyMO, is that a sale price at $299 over your way?
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They're the same price over here in Western Colorado.
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Same here in TX, gonna wait till fall and see if they pull the same as this year and put them on clearance and then pick one up. If I can wait that long.

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Smok'n Steve
Thanks, it is our sausage smoking unit.

It si $299 here, they had a new unit in the box and a display unit when I was there this afternoon.

I followed them at our local Sam's and they never did go on clearance, they just sold out. Then I finally nailed one off eBay for $260 including shipping.

I know the manager at our local Sam's club pretty well and he lets me know ahead of time if cooking appliances are being rediced in price..... I was offered 2 of there large stainless steel chicken routissiries for $200 last year; they were upgrading. I wish I would have had room for them.....
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I can't remember what they had them listed for local but it was cheaper than what I paid for the 30" from cabelas (not including shipping). I saw the post some time back that Masterbuilt was discontinuing the 40" w/ Sam's and scrambled to see if our local store or any within driving distance had any left, but couldn't find any. If they pull the same stunt again next fall I will definatly be getting one.

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Thanks for the timely heads-up MossyMoPDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
Called Bass-Pro and canceled my backorder for the 40" MES, which by the way was $399 + freight, last night.

Went to Sam's today and they had 4 on the floor. Now they only have 3 icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

Thanks againPDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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Not a problem and congrats !!!
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