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Welcome Darren

Welcome to the SMF Darren. Lots of good stuff on here and nice people. Enjoy your time on the forums.

Happy Smokin

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Welcome Darren...this is the place man!
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Actually, I got two real nice 13 pounders at Walmart this past weekend..Talk to the butchers in any of the stores in your area..I found that they can be very helpful, and they love talking about meat!biggrin.gif
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good to meet you Darren, you have come to the right place!!!
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Are the Walmart briskets any good? I've been really dissapointed with their other cuts (mainly flank and skirt steaks, which come out rubbery and tasteless).

I keep asking the local meat shops for larger briskets, but the ones who raise their own cattle don't understand the point of a whole brisket and others sell whatever their suppliers give them.
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They are hit and miss down here. Never could figure them out, so I started going elsewhere. Never had one so bad that I could not eat it, but some were much better than others.
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Welcome aboard!! I'm from SE, PA, lots of historical places in PA...I think our biggest claim to fame is that parts of the Blob were filmed here. Recently two other films were filmed here, the biggest being Lovely Bones with Mark Wahlberg. Shut down Main Street for two days! Big gossip in a small town!
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Welcome. I don't think where I live is know for much of anything. Smoking meat is allowed though so it is must be okay.
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So I go to the local Walmart yesterday, but I don't see any briskets. I ask the first employee I can find if they have briskets, getting a confused look as they ask, "What's a brisket?" Directing me to someone in the meat department, I ask the same thing and get the exact same response. This doen't look good.

Mybe it's for the best.
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