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brown sugar smoked lake trout

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hi all, i smoked some white fish and lake trout we caught in canada last weekend. i soaked in a brine of salt, brown sugar, and garlic salt. added additional brown sugar while smoking. whitefish top rack, lakers racks 2 and 3. turned out great!!! i am going to attempt qview for first time. lets see what happens

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Those be lookin mighty fine indeed!
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Can't beat Lakers or whities in the smoke. Nice job, bet they won't be around for long!
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Good looking smoke

Erain, good looking smoke. I used to do lakers on my old ECB but haven't done any for a few years. Hoping I can get back into smoking some around June.

Nice job

Happy Smokin

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good looking fish & Q-view-sorry all I have is bones so bones to u.
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great looking fishes... sure miss being in ontario for those lakers and whitey's...
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Wow, that does look great. I love lake trout! We caught a bunch of them in the BWCA and went right back to camp and cooked them over the camp fire, best fish I've ever had.
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Uff Da! Dem sure look fine. wink.gif I like the brown sugar thing.
Smoked trout is good eats.
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erain...that looks great!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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thanks, i got to figure out how to put a larger pic up or like some of you do where you can click on small pic and enlage it to veiw. next time
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