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Overnight Smoke ???

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As mentioned in another post, I may be smoking several butts on a regular basis. In the past I have used meowey's basic butt instructions along with SoFlaQuer's sauce and they always come out great so thanks to both.

However, I wonder how important it is to spray the apple juice/rum mix and foil them at 165. I have a remote therm and want to put on 6 butts that are 10lbs each, go to bed and when they hit 200 the alarm will go off and I'll get up. Do you think they will be too dry without the spray and foil? Thanks.

Mike S.
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Spray it for sure!!!!!!!!!!!
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if your gonna be smokin that amount of meat, you can't figure all will reach temp. at the same time,and ya they needs attention through the nite-and like smokey says spray!
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I agree, wouldn't be nice if it was as easy as you are describing, then everyone would do it!icon_wink.gif 60 lbs of meat is more important than sleep!

I would say if you work at it, you could get a couple hr nap twice, maybe!
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I would be afraid they would, just gonna have to get up, drag yourself to the smoker and do what's needed, then flop back into bed! Course after awhile of this, your better half is probably going to boot you out into the garage, so just get yourself a couch out there and you won't have so far to go!biggrin.gif
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How do you plan on keeping the wood burning?
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Y'all are gonna scream foul, but I'd smoke 'em to 160 or so, mop 'em and shut it down, Being cold here, wrap 'em and let em' chill. Get up in the AM and finish 'em in the oven. You won't be able to tell the difference. The only difference is the cool/reheat rest time. What's the diff between the oven and smoker with foil on 'em? Just better temp control and more efficient heat is all.
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Damn Rich your Good! Ya that works too.was thinking outside the box.
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