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new apprentice

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hey fellas my name is scott
i have been smoking for the last two years out of a 32" propane smoker i got from the gander mtn and it has worked very nicely i have made hundreds of pounds venison jerkey with it, got it mastered preety good at ribs with the thanks to jeffs rib rub recipe did venison sticks with last falls kill, a couple of turkeys they turned out preety tasty.
Now i am in the process of hacking a old fridge i got for free
to make a cold smoker its going preety good got alot done tonight on it. would like to master the art of bacon i did a little 3lb slab it turned out ok but it wasn't awsome i should of let it go longer i ended up rushing it because i just wasnt set up for it the way i wanted can't wait to get the fridge done and do it again.

thanks for all the info guys i have been reading threads and post on this forum for a while just never posted anything hopefully i can get some pictures up with the progress of the smoker.

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Welcome Scott...don't be shy some pics of yer smokes and your gear. Lots of friendly people here willing to help. Have fun! Cheers.
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WElcome to the smf...........Great place here with great people and info.........Enjoy..........
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welcome scott..........sounds like you are starting to get a preety good handle on the hobby ...........once again welcome
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Welcome aboard! Great knowledge base and fantastic people here, all willing to help! Besure to get us some q-view!
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forgot to add my newest toy to the list a hobart model 410 i picked up from my one of my wifes uncles for 75 bucks the motor still hums like a dream took a couple of hours to get it cleaned cleaned i put a new edge on the blade and its good as new all i have to say is score.
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boy i guess..........GOOD score dude
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That is one sweet score, Scott. I saw a Hobart 410 slicer on ebay the other day and the seller was asking $425.00 'buy it now' price.
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