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new to the playground

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Just wanted to say hi I am new here..and am looking forward to learning alot about smoking meats. I do have a quick question. I already went and bought Jeffs secret rub, and question is does he send that via email? How soon can i look for it to hit my inbox/ I am wanting to get started on some ribs this weekend.

Thanks a bunch from very snowy, and cold Wisconsinicon_lol.gif
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dont know the answer to your question, but Welocome..

Help is around every corner here..
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Thanks for the quick response, and the warm welcome...I got the recipe's so i am good to go!!
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Hey Net welcome to SMF!! I can't answer your question but someone will be along shortly who can.
Good luck with your ribs. (and don't forget the q-view)
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Welcome aboard! All sorts of good folks and info here, you will enjoy, I'm sure!
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Welcome to SMF !!!
Looking forward to your posts and if you take pictures of your smoked ribs, be sure and post them, we love Qveiw !!!
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Welcome Gethenet

Welcome to the smf. Lots of nice folks here to answer your questions.

Happy Smokin

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Howdy, and welcome to the SMF!!!
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Hia Get..welcome to SMF. Don't forget to sign up for the 5 day ecourse. Fulla tips and techniques to help ya out...

Enjoy your time here!
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Welcome to SMF. New here myself but loving it already. Nice people.
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Welcome aboard. You should receive a email that has a link to download them. If you don't get it soon you may want to contact Jeff.
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Welcome to the SMF!!! That 5 day ecourse mentioned earlier is full of great info and its free!!! Lots of friendly folks here that look forward to help the new folks out!!!
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Welcome to the best site on the net for somoking meat.

(Sorry, my typing is a bit slow, I am only typing with one hand, the other is holding a sandwich, Smoked Loin)

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Welcome to the smf. Like everyone says check out the 5 day ecourse. There are some good pointers in there.
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Welcome to the smf.....Glad you found our playground...........
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Welcome to SMF. You are going to like it here. Any questions just ask. Some one will have an answer
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