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New in Michigan

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Hey everyone new guy here in Michigan. I have lost count as to what generation smoker I am, you could say I have been smoking and making sausages my whole life. Maybe I will learn some new stuff here.
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HEy! Glad ya decided to stop in! Another Michigan guy, whaddia know... You'll like it here, and perhaps help out other folks it sounds like. What's your favorite style of sausage?
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Welcome to the smf...........Glad to have you here and hope you will share some of your experience with us............Great place here............
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howdy ryan,welcome to the site-I be a stuffer also-I like knowing whats in mine!
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Thanks everyone!

Smoked sausage would be venison summer. Fresh Sausage gotta be brats. Who am I kidding I have yet to try a sausage I did not like.
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Ryan welcome to smf!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome to the forum.
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Ryan, seems Wolverines make great smokers! Sure is a lot better than some dang Buckeye. Welcome. And remember to take some pictures for the Q-view. And would certainly like to hear about what equipment you're currently using to make those brats, etc.

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Welcome to SMF, there is generally alot of sausage talk going on here, you'll fit right in !!!
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WElcome to SMF Ryan!!!
Glad you found us.
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Ryan, Welcome to the site. Another Mich resident here.
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Welcome Ryan, theres no place like home.............
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Welcome Ryan, good to have you
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And yet another howdy from a Michigander. Welcome and I'm looking forward to your sausage making expertise.

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