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This is my first post after weeks of reading and looking at q pics. You people have been very helpful to a new smoker. Thankyou
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Hey Niniron welcome to SMF. Glad we could help! Give us a little more info on your experience, smoker, location, etc. and I bet we can be ALOT more help :{)
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hi niniron,YUCK what a nasty habit-I had it for many years-just had my 1 year no smoke (yee haw) OH that smoke! sheesh I be glad to talk to u bout that!glad u quit lurking and stepped in.
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Looks like we made our first post at the same time. To change your order go to User CP/Edit Options/Default Thread Display and changed to older first.
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Welcome to the smf....Glad to have you here..........
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Welcome niniron to smf. Where are ya from?
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Hey Niniron...I noticed something that may cause you great concern. This comes from my own personal experience. Seems you may be a golfer(Nine iron?). I'm affraid golf and smoking don't mix as you're typically standing around the Q by 8a Saturday AND Sunday...with at least one beer in your hand. I had to give up the whole dang game last year. Just couldn't do both. But here's to you giving it a try! Welcome aboard.
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WElcome to the site.
Glad to have you.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Welcome to SMF !!!
I notice you are from Illinois, many members from there. What type or model of smoker(s) are you using?
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Golf does take up most of my summer. This summer is going to be a little different on the weekends with less golf and more smoking. My wife still won't be happy. I live in Illinois and a friend of mine got me hooked on smoking and I can't wait to have some Qpics for you all.
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Sorry I meant Qviews i'm still new to this
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hehe you beat me to it,It's Q-view
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For know I have the ecb
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Welcome niniron... This is the best forum and group of guys/girls you will find.
No question, these folks know their stuff and will be happy to share... JUST ASK!
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