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Cleaning the grates

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I've had my offset smoker for a couple of years now.

Before using it, I take the grates off and scrub them and coat in Pam.

Is this what everyone does ?

-- Lee
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Don't think I've ever gotten my smoker up that high. Do you open the damper all the way to get it that hot ?

-- Lee
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I give them a quick scrape when I am done cooking when I remember to do it........if not, then a quick scrape on start up. I don't generally bump the temps up unless they are particularly bad.
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Grate Cleaning

I clean out my ash box, and I have a separate fire pit where I start a nice wood fire and burn off the grates. I leave the interior seasoned...
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I tie mine on a rope and drag around the back 40 a few spins than wash-works great.I do flip 1/2 way
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What Tex said:-)

What Tex said:-)

Although, while hot, I also will spray a gentle coat of water when the cast grates are real hot, and most of the gunk loosens and steams off, a little brush, and all done. When they need it, which isn't too often, or before I will be grilling, I always oil them with leftover deep fry oil:-)
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do you do the back flip like carl or front flip
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This is strange,

This is weird, there are 2 threads on this right now, here is the other one I,,,,,
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