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Mojo Brisket with Qview

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I did two briskets yesterday. First, I marinated them in a home made Mojo for 20-hours. Then, I put Jeff's Rub on them without any mustard. Figured I'd try without it since they were so moist from the marinating. It worked fine and got a good bark.

One was for dinner tonight and we sliced it. The other we pulled as we're making up a batch of breakfast burritos tomorrow. I vacuum pack them and we stay well stocked.

Anyway, the briskets went in at 225 degrees for 8 to 9 hours depending. For the one we sliced, I took it out when it hit 190 internal. The one I pulled, took it out when it hit 200. Both were wrapped in foil and I let them sit for a half hour before slicing or pulling.
Here's a pictorial of the day:
The start:



The Puller:


This was the first time I ever tried one with Mojo and I highly recommend it. It was great in relation to others I have done.
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Great Lookin' Smoke!!!!
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Great looking grub.........looks mighty tasty.....good job..........
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yup looks real good-you da man!
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Nice job, I've used MoJo on chicken, now I'll have to try it on beef.
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Mighty fine looking brisket you have there. Good job.
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What is Mojo?
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It's a marinade made up of orange, lime, lemon juice as well a sspices and seasoning. Google it, as it's no secret and lots of different recipes.

I just did a SMF search and really no recipes on how to make Mojo. So, I'll start a seperate thread for the fixins.

Here's the thread for Mojo:
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Nice job, looks great.
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You can find it in most grocery stores if you don't care to make your own. Usually in the spanish section.
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Niiiice!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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. That's drool off the side of my mouth.........
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