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Hi all, smokin things in new mexico,at least trying. I have been Bar B qing for many years. and all have said it was good. But, I just bought a landman smoker. and am going to try and learn how to smoke meat and what ever else I can put on the smoker. I have maybe 15 cords of pecan and some cherry wood. from what I have read I need to mix woods so I do not get an over powering flavor from just one type of wood. anywho, when I get home in the morning I am going to season the smoker. we will see how that goes.

I love firearms and collect them. and shoot alot,also do all my own reloading for them. Hunting predators is a passion of mine. wish I could smoke them. I do but ya know what I mean..
also enjoy my cj7 jeep.she is ready to go..and my family well I enjoy them also 2 girls and a boy child.then the war department she was almost a vegaterian when I met her. now she is a carnivor. thanks for having me..
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Welcome to SMF !!!

I am not familiar with the landman smoker.....?

I own alot of shotguns and rifles, it is kind of an obsession of mine !!! Do alot of deer and pheasant hunting. This is my 3rd year of calling predators, I'm just not very good at it yet; still learning. I also reload for my center fire rifles and also shotguns.
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Welcome Coyote, to the best smokin' site in the U.S. of A., SMF that is. You're in good company here, plenty of hunters, shooters, fishermen, a lot of outdoor folks. Looking forward to your smokin' tales.
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Man are you my brother-in-law? Heh! He gave me a "Chili and Macaroni" MRI for Christmas! Gonna eat that some day...

Anyway welcome to SMF! If someone here can't help ya, order pizza!
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Welcome to the forum coyote!
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Welcome to the smf!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome to the smf........Hope to hear about your smokes.......Glad your here........
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Welcome to the site! Glad to have you.
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Welcome to the SMF!!!
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Welcome to the smf Coyote. Lots of good folks on here.

Happy smokin

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welcome to the site,sounds like my kinda pistole packin kinda guy!
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