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Inside out pig casings????

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Here is a tip about natural pig casings. How to turn your casings inside out. There are two reasons for this. One-to clean the casing (even though they are already cleaned when you purchase them) and two for presentation. Please forgive me for not knowing the proper names but you know the little white lines on the outside of the casings, they will no longer be visible. Here are a few qview's of the process. It very quick and easy. If you have any questions please ask.
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Ahhh...easier than I thought! Thanks BB, ya sausage lovin' Hunky!
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PS..Tell Mrs. BB she's got some nice nails :{)
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I told ya it was easy. Just make sure that the length of casing is not too long.
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Point for that tip!
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Do you leave the casing in the inside out state or do you repeat the process to return the casing to the original state before stuffing? I've never heard of doing this before.

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Inside out...they will look a bit better.
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Neat tip....Not sure I would bother, but thats just me....As long as they taste good that what matters to me....But still a good tip, for someone that needs it.............
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Well, just stuffed 15 lbs of Kobasz and turned the casings inside out. Much nicer looking, and much easier to thread on the stuffing tube too! POINTS to you, Andy thanks!
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Another fine tip to add to my little bbq book smile.gif

Thanks bb!
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just had fresh brats from our hy-vee.........and i was not happy with the casings they used.........i am assuming they were natural........but they was tuff as heck to bite thru..........

any recourse?

for when i make my OWN brats here soon?
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Depends on the casing and nature sometimes Dude. And prep as well. And they may NOT have been naturals, but I've had some tough ones. Some of the casings look "thicker" even within the same hank. Others thin and translucent, but those ya gotta be careful with. Easy to split 'em while stuffing.
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thankx rich........i almost needed the teeth of a "wolverine" to bite thru these
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I have found that the smaller diameter of casing the thinner the casing is for natural casings. Also, if the sausage is hot smoked or cooked, the natural casing will get a bit tough. Not tough that you cannot eat it but hard to break through it. I found this when I smoked the first batch in the "Outhouse" (cold smoker), with heat around 140 for the first couple of hours. The skin was hard to break. The next time smoking in the Outhouse, kept temps under 100 and casing was not as hard. No dif in the quality of the sausage other than the casing.
I agree with Richtee on the translucent part. The more you can see through it the thinner it is and the harder it is to stuff without over packing and splitting.
But you win some and loose some.

Well, just stuffed 15 lbs of Kobasz and turned the casings inside out. Much nicer looking, and much easier to thread on the stuffing tube too! POINTS to you, Andy

I am glad you tried it Richtee, I was hoping someone would just to say how easy it is and how much better it looks.

Thanks Rich.
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I agree Andy with the lower early temps. in smoking sausage.I too start at 100 & every couple hours bring it up 10 to 15 degree's.I have yet to get a tough caseing.My last hank gave me caseings that are 6-7 ft.long and ya I notice the white streaks but they don't bother us-but will try the inside out method next time.
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these were fresh brats..........so no smoking was done.......just threw em on the grill...............
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Steve most sausage from a store is far from fresh!sure it was maybe ground that day-maybe day before but was far from fresh.and there caseings are prolly far from fresh also.And the heat you grilled them at is also cause to them being tough-alot of variable's there.
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I'm not sure of the advantage. I like the looks of the white (fat) lines, looks home made. When you cook the sausage the lines melt and you would never have known they were there. Maybe It would help with threading?
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No maybe Fritz. Slipped onto the tube like butter. Plus you wash it out REAL well doing this. It took very little time and I was much more pleased with the appearance.
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Rich, I will give it a try.
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